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Inspired from QEX january 2023 where KA8BUW Steve do make a DSP CW filter, i will share my version of a great working and VERY easy build DSP CW FILTER

All you need from hardware is a find all the information about the board on that link.

Everything is ready when you have loaded the code you find in the buttom of this page.

On the board you will find a 3.5 jack IN  and 3.5 jack OUT - all you need is to connect your reciver to the IN and your headphones to OUT.

There is a codec on the board wm8994 which do everything together with the microproccessor stm32f746



Here you got the file for your board ;o)

right click on the file and save


all you need to program the board is this free software and a usb cable ...

when you have installed the cubeprogrammer then click connet and open the downloaded elf file and push download ...and then you are ready for filtering..

Remember to adjust the sliders so you get some sound in your ears ;o)


next step is to connect the 2 small speakers i just get from ebay today  ...give few days and there will be an update ;o)


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