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You will need the software for your stm32 V2 link

You will need the driver for the COM port - named a vcp driver -

If you want to play around with the source files for the software then you need processing , but if you are not a programmer then you just need the files underneath.


The bin file you shall load into the STM32F103C8T6 with use of the stsw-link software

VERSION 1 RELEASE 27 May 2019  /sites/default/files/thetimeingkeyerv1.bin

The software to run on you computer 

VERSION 1 RELEASE 27 May 2019 ....PDE files for the programmer...../sites/default/files/TheTimingKeyer_pde_v1.rar

EXE files for the NON programmer /sites/default/files/application.windows32_v1.rar   or if you need 64 ./sites/default/files/application.windows64_v1.rar


Here will come a video - How to program the board ..



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