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The Timing Keyer - why ?

Why a new keyer for CW ?

Because i do a lot of QRQ and to learn about the very small details in my timing off my fingers on the paddle, i did play around with a little tiny, easy to build, cheap, keyer with a lot of features.

I did not want to make a keyer with a small screen to see the timing picture so thats the reason why i did use the PC as screen with everything on. It make the keyer very cheap and very easy to build.

The Main feature is that you can se WHEN you hit the paddle compared to the keying output. It will help you to understand why you miss bauds or have to many, or why your letterspace or wordspace are to long or to short.

You can see on the TX decoder what you do send and how good your letterspace / wordspace are .... You are good when it looks like a newspaper ;o)

Here you can see that i do use automatic letterspace and then you can see that i do hit the paddles BEFORE the keyer make the letter. It means that my letterspace they are exacely 3 baud long. if i was a bit slower on the paddles i would have made a 4  or 5 baud pause and then my letterspace was wrong ....



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