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The Programcode

Here you will find the binary file you have to load into the STM32F7-DISCOVERY board.

YOU WILL NOT FIND THE SOURCE CODE, because i do not want to share my code. I want to develop my self but you are more than welcome with great ideas and mabye i will develop ;o)

The reason for not sharing the source code is that it is very hard to set up the IDE and the compiler with the toolchain, so i do not want to bring you into that ;o)

So please do not ask about the source code.

Right click on the url and SAVE to your pc.

08-02-2022  /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_9.hex   .. problem with touch

18-11-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_10.hex   .. will work


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