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You only need a few components to build this keyer. They can be found on for below 10$.

If you only use it together with your radio you do not need the speaker transistor etc. 

The stm32f103c8t6 board also called bluepill.

Buy it here

Then you need a programmer for the board, which are a ST-Link V2

Buy it here

then you need some female jack for keyer and your radio. I found some on Ebay which are very inexpensive and do fit into a veroboard.

you only need 2 pcs.

Buy them here

You can use some money on female pinheaders but it is not needed.

Buy them here

Then you need

For the paddle input 2 pcs capasistor on each 10n

For the keying output for your radio you need 1 pcs100 ohm resistor, 1 pcs 2n2222 , 1 pcs capasistor 10n.

If you want to have a speaker on the keyer you will need 2pcs 100 ohm resistor, 1 pcs 2n2222 and a 10uF cap

Here you see my version with the little tiny board below the stm32 board.





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