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The Danish Flex Control

I have a FLEX-6300 and like that radio very much. 

But when doing QSO in CW i did not like to use my right hand for the mouse - it is used for the paddle ;o)

Therefore i did decided to build a controller for the FLEX radio.

On the internet i did find the very usefull library for arduino build by IW7DMH

I did look in to it and also to the project build by G3WGV but found that the hardware was not easy and the program was a bit limited.

I did read the very good wiki and found that it was a good project for a Raspberry Pi with some kind of touch screen.

The Danish Flex Controller was born.

It was my first python project - use to program in C and C++ - but found that Python was quite easy to use for The Danish Flex Controller project.

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